This is understandably a very common question we get asked every day. There are no hidden fees or miscellaneous charges or other ways we profit off you.

  1. Zane Hicks Investigations is paid 10% of the total claim amount after you have been paid. This is how we make our money, not by stealing your info, selling it, or by any other nefarious means.
  2. We are located in Las Vegas, NV. We are happy to meet anyone that’s in the area to fill out the required documents to get you paid.
  3. Our address and phone number is on every letter and won’t change. We are not hiding. It would be very easy to find and report us to the police if we were scamming anyone.
Millions of dollars are being turned over to various government agencies by companies yearly for many different reasons. In some cases, the owner may have moved and did not leave a forwarding address. In other cases, the information on the owner was outdated or was turned over with typos in the name or address. If the company is not able to get in contact with the owner, they have to turn the funds over to the government who then becomes the “safe keeper” of the account.
These government agencies have limited resources in locating the owners. Zane Hicks Investigations directly obtains the information from these government agencies. We specialize in correcting mismanaged data and locate the owners or their heirs so that they can be reunited with the monies owed to them.

Once we receive your signed agreement, we will provide you with the necessary claim forms and instruction. The instructions are very simple to follow.

  • Complete the forms and return to us immediately.
  • We will look it over, make sure everything is done correctly before submitting it to the government.
  • Once the government processes the claim, they will send a check directly to you.

The short answer is that they have no incentive to do so.

The government has bigger priorities than attempting to get in touch with people who have money owed to them, especially because it does not make them any money to give people their lost funds. With millions of accounts being turned over annually, they simply do not have enough resources available to handle such a task that would only cost them money.

Zane Hicks Investigations uses multiple proprietary databases along with publicly available records (e.g. National Change of Address) to find owners or their heirs.

No, this is not considered income and there are no taxes, 1099 forms, and it does not effect any benefits you may be receiving.

No. We will never ask for your bank account information or for a credit card number. Occasionally a social security card may be required, but for 99% of claims it is not needed.

Yes. This website is safeguarded by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), as represented by the padlock visible on your browsers address tab. An SSL is the standard for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. It ensures the security of any and all information provided to and from the entire website. 

No. We will never sell your data to any third parties. Your information is only used by us and the government to verify your entitlement to the claim.

The government will mail a check directly to you for 90% and a separate check to us for our 10% fee. You never have to send us any money.

Zane Hicks Investigations is a privately owned business. We spend a lot of our time and money to locate and contact the owners and reunite them with their lost funds. The fee we charge allows us to continue notifying and getting people paid on money owed to them that they otherwise may have never known about.

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