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Sign the letter you received and send back to us. I will search through variations of your name and addresses to find all accounts owed to you, and then mail you the official claim form. You will sign the forms, have them notarized and return to me. I will then finish the paperwork, submit the forms to the government, and then they will mail you a check. I charge a fee of 10% for this service. When the government pays the claim, they will mail a check to you for 90% of the total, and they mail a separate check to me. I will continue to monitor should any new claims in your name appear.


There are several ways to send the letter other than sending through snail mail.

You can text a picture of the signed letter to (702) 527-8080‬

Email a copy of the letter to

Fax the letter to (844) 264-0265

Or return in the included envelope to the following address:

Zane Hicks Investigations
PO Box 750652
Las Vegas, NV 89136-0652


After signing and sending the letter to us, we will reach out if we have any questions and then mail you the claim forms.

We have simplified the process greatly and completing the forms will take only minutes.

After completing the forms, make a copy for your records and mail the original documents back to us.


Once you get your check in the mail from the government, you can take it to your bank and deposit it.

There is nothing else to do, the government will have already taken our fee out of your check and sent it to us.

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Easiest Way to Claim

We have simplified our claim forms as much as possible to make it easy for you to claim.

Deep Search & Monitoring

Our proprietary database is able to search numerous ways in order to find all accounts owed to you.

We Know What It Takes

With many years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to get you paid.